A global experience: meet Chris Guelcher

Hemophilia Alliance Travel Grant recipient Chris Guelcher has been serving the global bleeding disorders community for over twenty-five years as a hematology nurse, administrator, researcher and author. This year—thanks to the generosity of WFH USA community partner, the Hemophilia Alliance— she was able to attend the WFH Global Forum for the first time.

Guelcher began her career by helping a mentor with her IV infusion classes. During that time, she met children living with a bleeding disorder. Intrigued by the idea of providing continuous care as these young patients moved to adulthood, she applied for a position at the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC, U.S.A, when her mentor left her position. She has been there ever since.

Guelcher has witnessed many changes in care first-hand, but even so, she was amazed at what speakers at the WFH Global Forum showed was on the horizon for patients and treaters. She felt that the insights she gained from the global slate of researchers and educators present at the forum are invaluable as they will help her avoid “tunnel vision” as regards the therapies available in the U.S.A.

Chris Guelcher

“I know that this will sound like I am exaggerating, but I told everybody that [the WFH Global Forum] was the best [scientific] meeting that I have ever attended.”

The WFH Global Forum seeks to address issues related to the safety and supply of treatment products for bleeding disorders. Guelcher noted the comprehensive nature of the event that brings together patient groups, regulators, industry representatives, and providers who treat people with bleeding disorders. The participation of this diverse group of stakeholders from the bleeding disorder community is evidence of the WFH’s global leadership. Guelcher notes, “The WFH’s established relationships places it in a unique position to deliver resources to the patients and families who need them.”

The Hemophilia Alliance Travel Fund allows U.S.A.-based WFH multidisciplinary committee members to attend WFH international meetings and conferences. The WFH USA proudly acknowledges the Hemophilia Alliance’s generosity and commitment to advancing the knowledge of U.S.A.-based healthcare professionals in the bleeding disorders community. To learn more about the important work the Hemophilia Alliance is doing, click here.

Chris Guelcher was elected to the board of the Hemophilia Alliance in 2019.