Allwin Christuraj: Marathon achievements

Allwin Christuraj, MD, has a unique story that could be an inspiration to all those with a bleeding disorder who also have similar ambitions. Born in India with hemophilia A and factor VIII deficiency, Christuraj spent his early life in a wheelchair. Despite the many challenges that his condition forced on him, he was able to enter medical school at 23 years old and is now a doctor. Using his medical expertise, Christuraj was able to develop a diet and fitness program tailored to his condition. This has contributed to him to not only stop using a wheelchair, but also participating in nearly 20 running events—including a number of marathons. Many people have said that Christuraj’s achievements are an inspiration. But in his words, he says, “I run not to be inspiring, but to push the development of medical research for hemophilia forward.”