Assad Haffar receives 2018 Inspiration Award

Assad Haffar, MD, Director of Humanitarian Aid for the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH), has received the Save One Life 2018 Inspiration Award. This award recognizes individuals in the bleeding disorder community—both in the United States and abroad—who have contributed in significant ways to raising awareness or advocating for the cause of improved care and support for people with bleeding disorders. Save One Life is a non-profit organization based in Massachusetts, U.S.A. that aims to improve the quality of life and future for people with bleeding disorders in developing countries through direct financial assistance.

“We felt that Dr. Assad has devoted his life tirelessly to helping people with hemophilia all over the world,” said Martha Hopewell, Executive Director, Save One Life: “The WFH Humanitarian Aid Program is having a significant impact on the welfare of many people who didn’t have the hope of treatment previously. It’s game-changing and we felt inspired to recognize this important contribution.”

Past recipients of the Inspiration Award have included several notable people in the bleeding disorders community:

  • ­Mark Skinner – Former president of the WFH and current president of WFH USA
  • Suzanne and Bob Massie – Mother and son authors of books related to living with hemophilia
  • Chris Bombardier – The first person with hemophilia to summit Mount Everest
  • Reverend Donald Kill – Champion of hemophilia care in the Philippines
  • Usha Parthasarathy – Former VP of Development for Hemophilia Federation (India)

Laureen A. Kelley, founder of Save One Life and Project SHARE—a humanitarian program that donates factor to developing countries—had this to say about Haffar’s contributions to the bleeding disorders community: “I feel that Dr. Haffar has been a role model and a personal source of inspiration. He conducts himself with the highest professional ethics, is a master communicator and cares deeply about the patients. No obstacle seems to stop him from delivering medicine and improved treatment to those who suffer. He embodies everything we at Save One Life believe in: each patient matters.”

Assad Haffar has been with the WFH since 2000. As WFH Director, Humanitarian Aid, he is responsible for leading the WFH Humanitarian Aid Program. To find out more about Assad and the WFH Humanitarian Aid program, please click here.

The visionary contribution from Bioverativ, a Sanofi company, and Sobi to the WFH Humanitarian Aid Program translates into 500 million IUs over five years (2015-2020). Bioverativ and Sobi also make ongoing substantial financial contributions to support the logistics of product delivery and training of providers and patients in humanitarian aid countries. Furthermore, the eight-year commitment (2014-2021) from Grifols totaling 200 million IUs, along with a ten-year commitment (2009-2018) from CSL Behring for a total of 22 million IUs, and the three-year agreement (2017-2019) with Green Cross for 6 million IUs, allows for a more predictable and sustainable flow of humanitarian aid donations to the global community.