Best-practices for COVID-19 covered in session

Tuesday’s session, “Emerging from COVID – defining a new normal”, moderated by Declan Noone, looked at how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our community, and how people with bleeding disorders can better manage today’s difficult reality.

Len Valentino explained what patients can expect in a “new normal”. He went over the importance of staying informed and in touch with local recommendations and taking care to wash one’s hands often, disinfect surfaces, etc. Kate Khair discussed the changing environment in hemophilia treatment centres (HTCs) and hospitals, but stressed that the hemophilia team is still there for patients. She also covered what patients should I do if they bleed, how to manage pain, and other important tip for staying healthy. Ed Kuebler went over post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), other challenges and help getting to the “new normal”. Declan Noone discussed patient concerns and positive outcomes, and answered questions such as, “Is there an increased risk over the general population of getting COVID-19?”

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