Beyond the hospital and into the community with Jameela Sathar, MD

The WFH is proud to introduce the newest member of the GCMP Professional Community, Jameela Sathar, MD. Sathar typifies how the healthcare professionals in our community are unique in their support of patients both in and outside the clinic. Hailing from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, Sathar has been working with the bleeding disorder community since 2006 when she founded a clinic to serve patients. Her resolve to support patients regularly moves her beyond the hospital and into the community. When she realized women living with a bleeding disorder were underserved, she helped found the women with bleeding disorder group KHWAN (Kelab Hemostasis Wanita) and still remains a trusted advisor for the organization. She also plays an integral role in patient outreach—which is the focus of 2019 World Hemophilia Day—by aiding efforts to locate new patients in the East Malaysia states of Sabah and Sarawak.

Jameela Sathar, MD

 “Come join the WFH GCMP Professional community, you’ll love it.”

Of all the endeavours she has been part of, Sathar is most proud of two things: what she has done with volunteers to increase awareness about hemophilia among healthcare providers, and the establishment of a national board that ensures all people with hemophilia (PWH) receive the same standard of care regardless of where they live in Malaysia.

Sathar believes there is still much left to do, including a push to increase diagnosis and provide appropriate treatment to prevent complications, especially for women living with a bleeding disorder. In recognition of her tireless work on behalf of the WFH national member organization, the Hemophilia Society of Malaysia bestowed on her a lifetime membership.

When asked what message she would send to the community, Sathar expressed her desire to tell patients to not only see their healthcare professional when problems arise, but rather, make sure to see them on a regular basis. For her, ongoing dialogue ensures patients remain abreast of the latest treatment methods and regular contact is the best method to avoid long-term complications. She would also like to remind patients to be active and not try to hide their condition—the support they will receive from their community will surprise them. The WFH could not agree more. Indeed, collaboration, partnership, and a sense of community are the basis of our WFH GCMP Membership program. She also wanted to add that as a member of the WFH World Congress Organizing Committee, she is looking forward to welcoming the global bleeding disorder community to the 2020 WFH World Congress. The WFH wishes to thank Jameela Sathar for all her hard work, and would like to warmly welcome her to the GCMP community.

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