Browsing and finding WFH resources on the eLearning Platform

The World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) is pleased to showcase its large library of educational resources developed to meet the needs of national member organizations (NMOs), and people with bleeding disorders and their caretakers. The aim of these tools is to connect each member of the community with the resources that meet their specific needs as they pursue their invaluable work of providing information and sustainable care for people with bleeding disorders.

Browse resources by topic

Resources are available through the WFH eLearning Platform, and can be located using the Browse Resources by Topic interactive tool or the Find a Resource search tool.

The healthcare development work of the WFH is based on a comprehensive development model that aims to achieve sustainable comprehensive care and Treatment for All. The key objectives for developing national hemophilia care programs can be grouped into six foundational areas, or pillars: government support, care delivery, medical expertise (including multidisciplinary medical expertise), treatment products, patient organizations, and data collection and outcomes research.

The Browse Resources by Topic tool, which is found under the “Featured Tools” drop-down menu on the WFH eLearning Platform, allows users to explore resources for each of these six pillars. Sub-topics within each pillar allow users to refine their search, proposing resources associated with specific areas of each pillar. The resources can then be immediately downloaded or accessed online.

This easy navigation approach facilitates access to the enormous WFH educational library (with more than 500 resources) and provides users with resources they might not have thought to search for, solutions to challenges that they might not have formulated, and ideas for new directions in which to take a project. The interactive nature of the tool makes it easy to browse from one topic to another and back and makes it easy for users to explore a broad range of resource types, including documents, videos, webcasts, online tools, and more. Note that many resources support different areas of work and may be associated with more than one pillar.

Find a resource

The Find a Resource search function, available on the top banner of the WFH eLearning Platform, provides another intuitive approach to searching the WFH collection of educational resources. Selecting this button opens the library search function, where users can find resources by specific keywords, author(s), or title. Users may find that this is the quickest way to retrieve and share their favourite WFH resource.

There are multiple ways to perform and narrow a search:

  • Entering a keyword (for example: title, author)
  • Filtering by category (for example: fact sheet, patient booklet), resource type (for example: webinar, poster), or language
  • Combining keywords and filters

For each resource returned in the search, a direct link is provided to view or download the piece in the available languages. Social media links on the left of the screen allow users to share resources with colleagues, friends, and families at any time while browsing.

The over 500 educational resources in seven languages found on the WFH eLearning Platform constitute a wealth of information and advocacy tools for the bleeding disorders community. The Browse Resources by Topic and Find a Resource interactive tools are designed to connect each community member with the resource best suited to their needs.

Fiona Robinson, Educational Materials Manager for the WFH, wishes to thank Georghia Michael for her contributions to this article.