Building on a family legacy, one month at a time

Gina Schnabel’s earliest memories are of her father—World Federation of Hemophilia Founder Frank Schnabel—working with volunteers from around the world to raise awareness about bleeding disorders. She understood all too well the severe impact that an undiagnosed inherited bleeding disorder can have on someone, and witnessed the positive impact of her father’s work firsthand. And yet, it took decades before she realized what that truly meant for her. “I slipped through the cracks, even though I lived and breathed hemophilia from day one,” Gina shared during the recent WFH Global Summit on Women and Girls with Inherited Bleeding Disorders.

Sadly, Gina’s story is similar to thousands of other people from around the world. “It wasn’t until I was in my fifties that I really understood and made that distinction that I wasn’t just a carrier but someone with hemophilia, and it took some pretty serious consequences for that to happen.” That is why Gina chooses to support the work of the WFH through monthly giving. While she is happy to carry on her family’s legacy, the positive impact the WFH has on the lives of patients is what motivates her to support our mission.

Monthly donations are an affordable way to help patients living with little or no access to care.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on people living with a bleeding disorder, widening the disparity of access to treatment and safe medical practices. Taking the step of becoming a monthly donor will provide the WFH with a stable income source during an uncertain time so that we have the flexibility to respond to new and evolving needs as our world continues to change. When you join this special group of monthly changemakers, you are helping us work towards sustainability.

We all believe that where you are born should not determine your access to care. Turn your compassion into action by becoming a monthly changemaker today.