Carlos Safadi Márquez appointed as WFH Vice President, NMO

The World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) has announced that Carlos Safadi Márquez has been appointed to the WFH Board of Directors as Vice President, NMO (national member organization). The Vice President, NMO is responsible for supporting NMO involvement, and for contributing to the development of the strategic goals of the WFH.

Safadi Márquez joined the Argentinian WFH NMO—the Hemophilia Foundation of Argentina—as a volunteer on the Board of Administration at the age of 21. In 1996, he attended the WFH World Congress in Dublin, and joined the WFH Youth Committee that same year. He has been a volunteer with the WFH since then.

As Vice President, NMO, Safadi Márquez will advise on WFH NMO training programs and accreditation of WFH Associate and full NMOs. Carlos Safadi Márquez has been appointed to the position of the Vice President, NMO by the WFH Board of Directors for a two-year renewable term.

“I’m looking forward to collaborating with the WFH team and NMO leaders from all around the world,” says Carlos Safadi Márquez. “As someone who has been involved in the Argentinian NMO and with the WFH for over two decades, I think I have valuable insight that will help us in our shared goal of Treatment for All.”