Celebrating the WFH Twinning Program at Congress

The WFH Twinning Program Event held on July 27 during the WFH 2016 World Congress was a special opportunity for participants to connect, share, and inspire others to join a movement that partners hemophilia treatment centres (HTCs) and patient organizations in developed and developing countries.

The program’s objective is to improve hemophilia care in emerging countries through a formal, four-year, two-way partnership.

The event featured presentations by the two respective 2015 Twins of the Year Award winners. Marion Stolte and Eric Stolte from the Canadian Hemophilia Society shared their “journey together” with the Bangladesh Hemophilia society. In addition Hans Hermann-Brackmann, MD, from the University Hospital Bonn (Germany) shared the “story in pictures” of their partnership with the St. Marina University Hospital (Varna, Bulgaria).

With a panel discussion led by WFH Hemophilia Organization Twinning Committee Chair Sharon Caris, and remarks from WFH President Alain Weill, the event was also an opportunity to highlight the 15th anniversary of the sponsorship of the program by Pfizer. Michael Goettler, the Pfizer Global President, Rare Diseases for the Global Innovative Pharma Business expressed pride in supporting a program that continues to have a profound impact on the global bleeding disorders community.

Many peer-to-peer connections were made at the event and throughout Congress, and the WFH is looking forward to supporting the development of new twins in the years to come.

The Twinning program is supported by exclusive funding from Pfizer.