Don’t miss: “Gene therapy: the unfolding story”

“Gene therapy: the unfolding story” will take place at 10am EDT on Thursday, June 18 during the WFH Virtual Summit. This “can’t miss” session will be moderated by Debra Pollard.

We are still learning about gene therapy. Each patient experience is different, and gene therapy is not for everyone—either by choice or by exclusion because of the antibodies. This session will look at:

  • Managing expectations: a hematologist’s perspective
  • Patients who were interested but not eligible
  • Patients waiting for the next generation of gene therapy
  • Patients who were happy they received gene therapy
  • Patients who are interested to have gene therapy, but who live in a country where it isn’t available

To find out more about this session, have a look at the WFH Virtual Summit program.