Explore the WFH Treatment Guidelines (TG) Resource Hub today

The WFH Guidelines for the Management of Hemophilia offers up-to-date guidance and practical recommendations on the diagnosis and management of hemophilia, including the management of musculoskeletal complications and inhibitors, updates to laboratory diagnosis and genetic assessments, and new recommendations on outcome assessments. Now, for the first time, all this information has been gathered together in the new WFH Treatment Guidelines (TG) Resource Hub. With the click of a mouse, you can get easy access to critical information such as key messages, short narrated videos, slides and easy-to-read documents.

Cutting edge science, easy to use training tools

Find key information in our chapter snapshots for healthcare providers (HCPs), which are informed by the best available evidence and supplemented with expert opinions and patient preferences.

Key messages for people with hemophilia

The TG recommendations for people with hemophilia (PWH) are easy to understand and allow everyone to learn more about their disease, take ownership of their care, and advocate for themselves and other PWH. These condensed chapter snapshots offer highlights of the most important information for PWH.

Expert-guided content made easy

The WFH Treatment Guidelines (TG) Resource Hub offers expert-guided content to help you more easily understand the content and how it relates to real-life situations.

  • Listen to expert narration for each chapter that bring real world practices to the TGs
  • Learn about actionable recommendations explained through clinical cases
  • Read condensed TG chapter recommendations

To access the WFH Treatment Guidelines (TG) Resource Hub, click here.

These educational materials were made possible through the support of the Hemophilia Alliance.