Fereydoun Ala and Yuri Zhulyov receive the 2020 WFH President’s Award

Established in 2017, this award is given to individuals who have served their local community for a significant amount of time, and who have made a substantial impact on the hemophilia community nationwide, helping to further the mission and goals of the WFH.

This year, the WFH is honored to present the President’s Award to Fereydoun Ala, MD, for the impact of his tireless work on behalf of the hemophilia community in Iran and across the Middle East for over four decades, and to Yuri Zhulyov, for his longstanding commitment to the bleeding disorders community in the Russian Federation, Europe and around the world.

On behalf of all the members of the bleeding disorders community, thank you Dr. Fereydoun Ala and Dr. Yuri Zhulyov!

To view the award video tributes, please click here.