First WFH National Psychosocial Workshop held in Istanbul, Turkey

On December 7 and 8, 2016, the first World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) National Psychosocial Workshop was held in Istanbul, Turkey. The workshop was organized in partnership with the Hemophilia Society of Turkey (HST), and was part of the Global Alliance for Progress (GAP) Program. With the primary goal of greatly increasing the diagnosis and treatment of people with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders worldwide, GAP is the WFH’s flagship healthcare development program.


The main objective of the workshop was to strengthen the knowledge of psychosocial specialists, including nurses and psychologists from various regions of Turkey; offer psychosocial support and services for patients with hemophilia and other rare bleeding disorders; and establish a platform for dialogue among healthcare professionals on the need for incorporating psychosocial care as an integral part of the comprehensive care model.

The one-and-a-half day workshop resulted in many productive discussions on important issues such as the team approach to hemophilia, genetic counseling, the psychosocial impact on carriers, and building resilience through enhancing workable coping strategies. The event concluded with the development of an action plan which allowed the participants to determine concrete next steps, and identify problem-solving activities using available resources and skills.

The WFH and the HST will continue to cooperate closely through the GAP Program until the end of 2019. The focus will be on providing tailored support in the following core areas: the hemophilia population, the care delivery system, diagnosis, and medical expertise. This will help to further strengthen hemophilia care in Turkey, further build comprehensive care support, maximize the use of existing resources, and ensure long-term sustainable development of the diagnosis, care and treatment of hemophilia and other rare bleeding disorders in Turkey.