Focusing on a regional approach to healthcare development outreach

The WFH is pleased to announce several organizational changes that focus on an enhanced regional approach to healthcare development, as outlined in the WFH 2015-2017 Strategic Plan. In June 2016, the WFH Regional Development Department was created, led by Salome Mekhuzla, former WFH Regional Program Manager – Europe. These organizational changes were introduced following consultation process and approval by the WFH Board in February 2016.

This department brings together all WFH regional managers, with representation increasing from the current four managers up to seven. There will now be seven, including two in Asia, two in the Americas regions, and one each in  Africa, Europe, and the Middle East respectively. Currently, the WFH is in the process of recruiting additional staff for this team. The aim is to strengthen the support to our community, with the WFH looking to recruit regional managers in these regions, focusing on Asia and South America.

In parallel, the WFH educational programs were incorporated into the Programs Department which now has become the WFH Programs and Educational department, under the leadership of Antonio J. Almeida, the former WFH Director of Programs. These two departments, together with the Humanitarian Aid department, will work in close collaboration to further improve the support offered to the global bleeding disorders community. 

More information on these structural changes and other important developments at the WFH will be shared during the WFH Annual Meeting of the General Assembly  and at the WFH regional meetings during the upcoming WFH 2016 World Congress in Orlando.