“Get+involved” on World Hemophilia Day 2020

April 17, 2020 is World Hemophilia Day. The longevity of this celebration is proof of the dedication and tight-knit nature of our community. The theme of World Hemophilia Day in 2020 is “Get+involved”. It’s a call to action for everyone to help drive the WFH vision of “Treatment for All” at the community and global level. Everyone can play a part—from patients, family members, and caregivers, to corporate partners, Hemophilia Treatment Centre (HTC) volunteers and those who support their national member organization (NMO). We want to encourage everyone to “Get+involved” and help increase the awareness of inherited bleeding disorders and the need to make access to adequate care possible everywhere in the world. Engage with local media, or get involved in regional activities on this special day. If you’re showing support, you’re playing a part in the goal of Treatment for All.

Alain Weill, President of the WFH

“Getting involved in the rare inherited bleeding disorders community is so important. World Hemophilia Day is an opportunity to show the world how important taking action is. It’s also a wonderful way for us all to feel proud of what we’re doing in the name of Treatment for All.”

Join us once again in showing your support to the global bleeding disorders community by taking part in the World Hemophilia Day Light it Up Red! campaign. Last year, thousands of people worldwide united to show their support by lighting up over 70 major landmarks in cities across the world. We invite you to take a part in this initiative by having a local landmark (big or small) lit up. Post photos and engage with the bleeding disorders community on our social media pages and share what World Hemophilia Day means to you!




Write on (live in April 2020) about how you or someone you know gets involved


Share pictures with us through email or social media


Tell the world how you’re getting involved on April 17 on social media using #WorldHemophiliaDay, #WHD2020, and #LightItUpRed


Download resources from the WFH World Hemophilia Day page


Contact your national member organizations (NMOs) to find out how you can support them on World Hemophilia Day


Volunteer at a Hemophilia Treatment Centres (HTCs) on World Hemophilia Day


Send content, comments or questions to Erika Laincy, WFH Marketing & Communications Manager at [email protected]