Global VWD Call to Action increases awareness

Since the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) launched the Global VWD Call to Action in 2018, visibility and awareness of von Willebrand Disease (VWD) has increased globally, and more patients have been identified. Still, there remain gaps in the education, recognition, and diagnosis of VWD worldwide. Identification is key to increasing visibility of VWD and those living with VWD.

The Global VWD Call to Action is an act of solidarity among WFH national member organizations (NMOs) to recognize VWD and break the stigma and isolation that can exist for people living with VWD. It promotes adequate care and treatment for people with VWD. Forty-five NMOs have already signed on, and we invite you to do the same! Join us!

For more information on VWD and the Global VWD Call to Action, please visit our website or read our new info sheet, What is the Global VWD Call to Action? To read about the work already being done by NMOs that have signed on, read our new Actions Around the Globe info sheet.