IHTC-RtW Joint Event at Congress: Discussing realworld solutions

During the WFH 2016 World Congress, a very unique meeting took place, designed to showcase and discuss real-world solutions: the International Hemophilia Training Centre-Reach the World (IHTC-RtW) Fellowship Programs Joint Event. Participants were from the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) and the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH).

The event took the form of a moderated panel and roundtable discussions, and allowed participants— both trainers and alumni of the IHTC and RtW programs—be face-to-face with their peers from around the world, and have productive conversations on the topic of how to raise awareness of the value of empowering healthcare professionals through education and training. The moderator of the event was Mike Makris, MD, the outgoing Chair of the IHTC Committee. Panel members included Philippe de Moerloose, MD, and Evelien Mauser-Bunschoten, MD, (trainers) as well as Zhenping Chen, MD, and Cesar Haddad (alumni). The goal was to bring together two influential leadership and capacity building programs, as well as to highlight the success of the alumni in improving care for bleeding disorder patients in their countries.

Participants from over 20 countries took part in the discussions, all of whom had been involved in some form of IHTC and RtW Fellowship Training Programs. Groups sat at tables that were limited to ten people in order to keep the conversations familial and ensure that everyone had a chance to speak and share their views. Several questions were asked by moderators in order to spark positive discussions, such as, “What was the highlight of your fellowship training?”, “What would be useful for future individuals to learn during a fellowship?” and “What would you do different or what are the things that should be improved for future trainees?”.

The event concluded with a networking session. Many attendees said that they left feeling like they had made a significant difference in the world of hemophilia, thrombosis, and hemostasis through their participation in the IHTC and RtW Programs. There was also a sense that more improvement and development was just around the corner for them and for future program participants. The WFH would like to thank Bayer for their exclusive support of the IHTC program.