Meet Global Community Membership Program member Veena Selvaratnam

Veena Selvaratnam, MD, an Adult Hematologist at the Ampang Hospital in Malaysia, believes in the power of community. It is one of the reasons she became a free World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) Global Community Membership Program member. She enjoys receiving the members-only quarterly newsletter that contains stories about how patients are overcoming challenges, new WFH resources and the latest scientific news. She also values the feeling of being part of a larger global movement that believes where a patient is born should not determine their level of care.

The WFH builds community in many ways—including hosting workshops throughout the year. Selvaratnam believes these workshops offer participants a unique opportunity to develop global and regional exchange and support networks. They feel that they are an important part of her ability to deliver quality care for her patients, as networking creates ties that broaden knowledge and foster partnerships that will promote better patient management and care.

Veena Selvaratnam, MD

“If we are to ensure everybody living with a bleeding disorder receives proper care, the first step is reaching out and learning from each other.”

For Selvaratnam, the basis of every community is friendship. When asked who motivated her initial involvement with the bleeding disorder community, she immediately replies that it was her colleague and mentor Jameela Sathar, MD—a person whose passion for treating patients and educating doctors all around the country showed her how important outreach and awareness-building are in treating patients. Selvaratnam draws continued motivation from how relationships with patients and their families extend far beyond the walls of the treatment centre. It is very rewarding when she sees them succeed, and, in turn, motivate others to get involved.

Selvaratnam encourages everybody to get involved, noting you can start any time by becoming a WFH Free GCMP member. The passion, commitment and dedication of our community is our best chance at reaching our shared vision of Treatment for All.

Veena Selvaratnam, MD and Jameela Sathar, MD at a WFH workshop in Malaysia, where they both became members of the WFH Global Community Membership Program.

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