Mexico-Honduras Youth Group Twinning: a virtual experience

The WFH Twinning Program offers national member organization (NMO) youth groups the opportunity to work together under a Youth Group Twinning partnership. The main objective of these two-year partnerships is to help improve and strengthen the structure, governance, leadership, and strategic scope of NMO youth groups.

In 2020, youth partnerships were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and many were forced to adjust their planning for the year. Innovation and creativity were needed in order to quickly transition in-person activities into virtual ones—and the Mexico-Honduras twins did this and even took things a step further.

The original plan for the Twinning was a series of in-person events and trainings, targeting youth groups and members of the community. The pandemic forced the partners to start looking into alternative ways to keep their members engaged and maintain a “human” connection in a virtual setting. To meet this need, the twins developed interactive virtual workshops, and a mobile app that was launched by the end of the year. The mobile app offers members of the bleeding disorders community in Honduras the opportunity to get information on treatment centres, and also to accurately register and track bleeds and the administration of treatment for their hematologist. It also hosts links to WFH educational materials and other important medical resources.

The youth group’s hard work resulted in a very successful first year for the Mexico-Honduras Youth Group Twinning. The experience has motivated youth leaders from the two countries to continue working together, and to further build on their achievements and lessons learned from the first year of their partnership. We at the WFH look forward to seeing how this exciting youth group twinning continues to evolve.

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The Twinning Program is supported by exclusive funding from Pfizer.