Moscow hosts “Wings of Hope” Youth Workshop

An inspiring youth leadership workshop called Wings of Hope was held in Moscow from September 15 to 17, 2017. Supported by the Russian Hemophilia Society (RHS), the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH), and the government of the Russian Federation, the event gathered more than 20 youth representatives from different regions in Russia and Kyrgyzstan. The Youth Leadership Program workshop’s overall objective was to strengthen the skills of all participants, particularly in the areas of project planning, project management, governmental collaboration, and team-work. In addition, the youth workshop also allowed participants to increase their knowledge of hemophilia diagnosis, treatment, and care.

The interactive program featured several group exercises and role-playing exercises where participants were able to develop their own project proposals, and learn how to best deliver successful communication messages to key government officials. Workable solutions for the local issues of the different regions in Russia and Kyrgyzstan were also actively debated during the workshop. Presenters showed participants how to organize their own hemophilia workshops and seminars, giving them useful presentation tools to help them better impart information to different audiences.

The WFH will continue to support the capacity building, skills strengthening, and knowledge development of youth hemophilia volunteers across Eastern Europe and Central Asia, with a number of programs and workshops planned for the region in 2018.