MSK Congress program to feature new developments

Orthopedists, physical therapists and hematologists from around the world will be gathering this May to listen to leading musculoskeletal experts at the WFH 16th International Musculoskeletal Congress. Taking place from May 10 to 12, 2019 in Madrid, Spain, this event will include presentations, posters and exhibit displays with a focus on musculoskeletal approaches to hemophilia.

The program for the WFH 16th International Musculoskeletal Congress will cover a number of important topics:

Hot Topics from the Federación Española de Hemofilia

A local take on important aspects in surgery and joint aspirations.

Point of Care: Ultrasound

A panel discussion on a hot topic in the hemophilia community where different points of view are in contention.

MSK and the future of hemophilia

New agents and gene therapy—what’s in store for MSK experts?; assessment tools for the new era of hemophilia treatment; precision medicine and hemophilia.

Pain Management

Prevalence and pathophysiology of pain in PWH; pitfalls and options in pain management; physiotherapy options of pain treatments; surgical complications; the role of pain from the patient’s view.

The progression of hemophilic arthropathy

Treatment strategies that use hyaluronic acid, platelet-rich plasma; new strategies from basic science to clinical use; deciding when and if surgery is necessary.

Nurturing the athlete with hemophilia

Perspectives of people with hemophilia who have achieved athletic success surpassing that of the general population, in the context of research demonstrating the long-term impacts to musculoskeletal health.


Global obesity and regional comparisons; extrapolating obesity findings in people with hemophilia (PWH); decreased joint ROM findings in obese PWH; surgical complications in obese PWH; battling obesity.

Outcome measures

Navigating outcomes to help determine the best tool to use at the best time within a specific population in order to best satisfy the intended recipient of the information.

We hope to see you in Madrid this May! Register online today using the WFH’s easy, efficient, and secure online registration form.