Multidisciplinary Plenary: “Women aging gracefully”

Yesterday’s session, “Women aging gracefully” offered participants a wealth of information for women with bleeding disorders, and those who care for them. The event identified the issues that women with bleeding disorders may face as they age, including arthropathy associated with joint bleeds, increased fracture risk due to osteoporosis, gynecological malignancy and the need for surgical intervention for cardiac disease etc.

Kate Khair moderated the event. Michelle Lavin gave an overview of aging and the issues that are pertinent to women, such as reproductive health; women requiring fertility treatments; managing early pregnancy bleeding; and primary and secondary postpartum hemorrhage (PPH). Michelle Lavin, Roshni Kulkarni, Latifa Lamhene, and Jameela Sathar were part of a panel discussion that covered the impact of normal aging process in women and the impact this has on women with bleeding disorders.

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