NEW! Evolution of Treatment Products eLearning module

Evolution of Treatment Products—the much anticipated second module in the Treatment Products eLearning program—has launched! This module explains the evolution of products for the treatment of bleeding disorders, from products derived from blood to artificially produced clotting factor concentrates, including those designed to have an extended half-life. An introductory section describes how each type of product provided a breakthrough in care along with the accompanying advances in safety each product delivered. More detailed presentations of each product type explore how they work, how they are produced, whether they can be used to treat hemophilia A and/or B, and their specific advantages and disadvantages. This module also goes over pharmacological alternatives to factor replacement therapy that can reduce the need for blood transfusion and factor concentrates, and touches upon the products used to treat von Willebrand disease (VWD).

The Evolution of Treatment Products module is an adaptation of the global National Member Organization (NMO) Training 2016 plenary presentation by Glenn Pierce, WFH VP, Medical, and is part of a series of educational modules designed for individual self-directed or small-group learning. The Treatment Product eLearning program, found on the WFH eLearning Platform, explores the basics of bleeding disorders and the products used to treat them in four interactive modules:

  1. Introduction to Bleeding Disorders
  2. Evolution of Treatment Products
  3. Gene Therapy for Hemophilia (coming soon)
  4. Non-Factor Replacement Hemophilia Therapies (coming soon)

While written primarily for people with bleeding disorders, the in-depth explanations of concepts essential to the management of bleeding disorders make these modules a great learning tool for healthcare professionals, too.

The complex content is presented in terms that are easy to understand, and brought to life with detailed colour illustrations and interactive features that contain essential information, such as clickable slideshows, popup notes, and icons. The glossary and linked resources provide more detailed explanations for those who wish to dig deeper. Fun quizzes and progress checks allow the learner to assess their understanding of the material, and point them back to specific sections for re-study if necessary. Learners can work through a full module from start to finish, or look up sections of particular interest in the interactive table of contents. Currently available in English, the module will also be made available in French and Spanish.

The remaining two modules in the Treatment Products eLearning Program will provide an engaging overview of the most promising emerging technologies with the potential to transform the management of bleeding disorders. The Gene Therapy for Hemophilia module will immerse learners in the science of gene therapy, showing how it works, and how it is being applied to hemophilia. The Non-Factor Replacement Hemophilia Therapies module will cover non-factor replacement alternatives, the driving force behind their development for the prevention of bleeds, and how these products differ from factor replacement products. Be on the lookout for these exciting modules, as they will be available in the Treatment Products eLearning Program on the WFH eLearning Platform in the coming months!