NMOs respond generously to call for COVID-19 relief

It is no secret that the strength of our global community lies in our solidarity. This was once again evident in the response to our ask for contributions for the WFH COVID-19 Relief Fund, which was created in 2020 as a response to the challenges brought on by the pandemic. National member organizations (NMOs) from across the globe are stepping up to help those most in need during these challenging times. Once again, the community has proven that while we may be apart now, we are never alone.

Mohsena Olath-Carramtally, Haemophilia Association of Mauritius (HAM)
“We sincerely believe that it is our duty as an NMO to support the laudable action of the WFH and contribute to the WFH COVID-19 Relief Fund to help NMOs that are in a difficult situation during this pandemic.”

To date, the WFH has had 14 requests for funding, ranging from ensuring patients can safely visit their doctor to funding for tools to improve online outreach and training. Applications will be accepted throughout the year as the pandemic continues to have an impact on the global bleeding disorders community. We are happy to announce that we are well on our way to our goal of matching the initial $100,000 investment approved by the WFH Board of Directors: to date, NMOs have contributed over $40,000. These funds will help patients access our online training and access treatment in a safe manner.

Kate Burt, The Haemophilia Society (U.K.)

“We were inspired by the WFH call for all NMOs to have a united response to the pandemic and support the global community to help provide sustainable care around the world.”

The WFH would like to thank the NMOs who have answered our call to date:

  • Asociación Costarricense de Hemofilia – ASOHEMO (Costa Rica)
  • Association Sénégalaise des Hémophiles (Senegal)
  • Danish Haemophilia Society (Denmark)
  • Egyptian Society of Hemophilia (Egypt)
  • Haemophilia Association of Mauritius – HAM (Mauritius)
  • Hemophilia Society of Bangladesh (Bangladesh)
  • Irish Haemophilia Society Ltd. (Ireland)
  • Israeli Hemophilia Association – ALEH (Israel)
  • Korea Hemophilia Foundation (Korea)
  • National Hemophilia Foundation (U.S.A)
  • National Hemophilia Foundation of Thailand      (Thailand)
  • Society for Inherited & Severe Blood Disorders (Trinidad and Tobago)
  • Swiss Hemophilia Society (Switzerland)
  • UK Haemophilia Society (U.K.)

Do you want to join the growing list of individuals and organizations turning their Compassion to Action by supporting the work of the WFH? Contact our Strategic and Community Partnerships Department at [email protected] today!