Now available: proceedings of the 10th WFH Global Forum

The Proceedings of the 10th WFH Global Forum on Research and Treatment Products for Bleeding Disorders are now available online. The 10th WFH Global Forum—held in Montreal, from November 8 to 10, 2017—brought together 190 international scientists, clinicians, patient representatives, health and regulatory officials, and industry representatives to discuss the latest developments in scientific and clinical research in hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders. The Global Forum also covered global perspectives on treatment safety, affordability and availability. The event marked a major milestone in the treatment of hemophilia, with a number of medical breakthroughs now available that provide superior treatment outcomes, and potentially curative gene therapies in clinical trial that are beginning to transform the lives of patients.

Sessions at the Global Forum focused on the revolutionary bleeding disorder therapies in the development pipeline, or already in some markets, including extended half-life factor products, gene transfer therapies, and novel bypassing agents. In addition to research, scientific evidence and outcomes, particular attention was given to the uncharted challenges presented by these breakthrough therapies, such as how to minimize safety risks during clinical trials; define core outcomes and trough levels with extended half-life factor products; define efficacy in gene therapy trials; and bridge the gap between state-of-the-art science and the realities of healthcare system fiscal constraints so that patients have access to the best medicines.

The Global Forum also focused on the persistent issues of inadequate access to treatment in developing countries, pathogen safety risk surveillance vis-à-vis plasma-derived products, and inhibitor complications. Also covered were recent advances in these areas made possible through intensified international humanitarian aid initiatives, new technologies, and collaboration on inhibitor surveillance and research.

To download a PDF of The Proceedings of the 10th WFH Global Forum on Research and Treatment Products for Bleeding Disorders, please visit the WFH eLearning Platform here.