Over 2.9 million IUs of humanitarian aid donated to date through Project Recovery

The World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) is leading the effort to change the lack of access to treatment products in developing countries for people with inherited bleeding disorders.

Project Recovery, an innovative humanitarian aid project, has played an integral role in providing consistent and predictable access to life-saving treatment to those most in need.

Originally conceived and supported by the Canadian Hemophilia Society (CHS), Project Recovery turns unused cryoprecipitate paste from Canadian Blood Services’ plasma into factor VIII concentrate with a full shelf life. Partnering with Biotest, for their role in the manufacturing and shipping of the final product, along with the harvesting of the cryoprecipitate and testing done by Grifols, over 2.9 million IUs of humanitarian aid has been shipped to treatment centres around the world since the project began in late 2013.

This reliable source of humanitarian aid will allow the WFH to provide sustainable and predictable channelling of factor VIII treatment products. Over the next year, another 4.3 million IUs will be distributed to additional countries, providing a steady flow of treatment products to the WFH network.

Project Recovery has contributed to the expansion of the WFH Humanitarian Aid Program and the support of the Canadian Hemophilia Society, the Canadian Blood Services, Grifols, and Biotest demonstrate their global commitment in supporting those most in need in the bleeding disorders community. The leadership from these partners will help to continue to serve as a model of cooperation and dedication to other countries in similar situations to Canada.