Pamela Hilliard receives Pietrogrande Prize

Pamela Hilliard won the Pietrogrande Prize at the 15th WFH International Musculoskeletal Congress held in Seoul, South Korea, in May 2017. Hilliard is a Hemophilia Clinic Physiotherapist and works for Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children in Canada—an institution that cares for one of the largest populations of children with bleeding disorders in that country. A dedicated professional, Hilliard has been a part of the bleeding disorders community for over 35 years. She has provided expert clinical care to patients, has educated and influenced many physiotherapy students, and has been an important mentor for new physiotherapists and other professionals.

Please join us in congratulating Pamela Hilliard on becoming the 2017 recipient of the Pietrogrande Prize.

About the Pietrogrande Prize

The Pietrogrande Prize, created in 2005, recognizes a healthcare professional who has significantly contributed to furthering the mission and goals of the WFH Musculoskeletal Committee. The prize is named in honour of Dr. Vincenzo Pietrogrande, a leading orthopedic surgeon and director of the Institute of Clinical Orthopedics at the University of Milan, Italy. Pietrogrande was the first chair of the group that eventually became the WFH Musculoskeletal Committee. As of 2013, the prize has been presented every two years at the WFH Musculoskeletal Congress. To find out more about the prize and past recipients, please visit the Pietrogrande Prize page.