Patrick Finders-Binje passing mourned by WFH

It’s with great sadness that the WFH learned of the passing of Patrick Finders-Binje due to complications related to COVID-19.

Finders-Binje was an important figure in the Belgian bleeding disorders community. He held the position of Vice-President of the “Association des hémophiles et von Willebrand” (AHVH)—the Belgian national member organization (NMO)—for over two decades. There, he was instrumental in realizing many projects that helped support those with a bleeding disorder in the country. He was also the friendly face of the NMO, known to many of its members, and especially ready to support children with bleeding disorders—and the parents of those children.

On behalf of the global bleeding disorders community, the WFH would like to express its deepest sympathies to all of Patrick Finders-Binje’s family members, friends and colleagues.