Physician contributions recognized in India

The Kunnamkulam chapter of the Indian Hemophilia Society recently recognized the contributions of volunteer physician P. Nalini, MD, by giving her the 2017 “Kannan Memorial Charitable Trust for the service of Persons with Hemophilia (PWHs) and Other Bleeding Disorders”. The award—given every year—honours an individual for their commitment to the bleeding disorders community.

For 36 years, Nalini has generously given her time and expertise to people with hemophilia. During her career, she conducted workshops on Immunization and Paediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), established the Hemophilia Carrier Women Self Group, and founded the Pondicherry Hemophilia Treatment Centre chapter. Through her efforts, many lives have been saved, including those of children.

The Kunnamkulam chapter of the Indian Hemophilia Society has seven treatment centres, and cares for nearly 400 patients with hemophilia. The centres have been able to support their patients in part thanks to donated factor concentrates provided by the Humanitarian Aid Program of the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH).

The award ceremony was well-attended, with a large number of attendees from around the region. On behalf of PWH everywhere, the WFH extends its congratulations P. Nalini.

Below are some pictures taken from the awards ceremony.

Our center
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