Profile of a WFH Professional Affiliate: Daniela Neme, MD

In May 2017, the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) had the opportunity to talk with Daniela Neme, MD, Medical Director for the Hemophilia Foundation in Argentina, about her experiences as a Professional Member for the WFH since 2013 and as a current Professional Affiliate of the WFH Global Community Program (GCP).

A hematologist by profession, Daniela has dedicated her career to the bleeding disorders community in her home country of Argentina and in Latin America as a whole. She is the Medical Director of the Hemophilia Foundation of Argentina and the International Training Centre for the WFH International Hemophilia Training Centre (IHTC) Program. Daniela is also a member of the WFH IHTC Committee, where she is able to share her experience with colleagues from around the world. This experience includes hosting and training IHTC fellows in Buenos Aires, and playing a leadership role in the HTC Twinning program partnership with Bolivia since 2014.

Daniela draws great inspiration from the many dedicated people who work with the WFH on behalf of the global bleeding disorders community. I have worked with the WFH for almost 19 years,” she explained. “Being part of it is to commit to working together with others, to help in whatever you can, and to feel that your dedication to the patient crosses borders and brings everyone together with a shared objective.” Daniela explains that training IHTC fellows at Hemophilia Foundation of Argentina is extremely enriching not only for her but for the whole team. She believes it encourages all of them to improve themselves day by day.

Daniela has been a WFH Professional Member since 2013 and has renewed her commitment to the bleeding disorders community annually. This year, when the WFH Membership Program became the WFH Global Community Program, she renewed as a Professional Affiliate to continue supporting the work that the WFH does globally. Daniela told us that her involvement as a Professional Affiliate makes her feel that she is an active participant in the community. Her decision to renew annually is motivated by the knowledge that her contribution supports WFH programs globally.

We thank Daniela for her commitment to the bleeding disorders community and the shared vision of Treatment for All. During the interview, we asked her, “If you could send one message to all those who are not WFH affiliates yet, what would it be?” Her response inspired us: “I would like to encourage all professionals involved in the care of hemophilia patients to join the WFH. It is the best way to support this noble institution and all its programs. It is also the practical way of making sure that individual effort benefits the greater community. It’s a great way to develop a sense of belonging to the community, and show solidarity and commitment to patients.”

We would like to thank Daniela for taking the time to share her experiences and motivation with us and also for supporting the bleeding disorders community.

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