Project WISH provides vital support to reduce the gap in access to treatment

Representatives of the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) and the Centro Nazionale Sangue (Italian National Blood Centre, CNS) signed the project WISH agreement on June 29, 2015, to continue to help reduce the gap in access to clotting factor concentrates.

The WISH project (World Federation of Hemophilia and Italian National Blood Centre for a Sustainable Supply for Haemophilia patients) is a humanitarian program consisting of a not-for-profit distribution, over a five-year period, of up to 150 million IUs of factor VIII. This will be derived from voluntary non-remunerated blood donations in Italy, produced under toll-fractionation agreements and exceeding the treatment needs of Italian hemophilia patients.

The partnership between CNS and the WFH aims at providing recipient countries with medium- to long-term products supply. This will be based on specific agreements to be settled between Italian Regions and recipient countries.

The WISH project is based on the commitment by the CNS to the WFH humanitarian aid mandate, ensuring that patients will have a source of treatment. Italian biopharmaceutical company Kedrion Biopharma, as the current partner of the Italian Regions in the toll-fractionation production of plasma-derived medicinal products, has promoted the development and success of this agreement. They have undertaken the regulatory and logistics costs of the shipping of the products to the recipient countries, thus providing a valuable contribution to broaden access to clotting factor therapies worldwide.

Project WISH demonstrates the commitment of these partners to the mission of the WFH, to improve and sustain care for people most in need around the world.