Q&A with WFH leaders – Magdy El Ekiaby, MD, Medical Member

Over the next several months, Alain Baumann will be hosting question & answer sessions with World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) leaders. Today we hear the thoughts and opinions of Magdy El Ekiaby, MD, Medical Member, Egypt.

How did you get involved with the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH)?
In 1998, I was introduced to a WFH delegation as treasurer of the Egyptian Hemophilia Society. Later, I was involved in the East Tennessee-Egypt WFH HTC Twinning and the WFH GAP project in Egypt.

What makes you proud to be part of the WFH?
It makes me proud to know that the WFH can help improve care for hemophilia communities in my country and in other countries.

What do you think is the main impact the WFH has had in recent years?
Establishing a strong level of hemophilia care in many countries in the developing world.

What is the main impact you hope the WFH will have in the future?
I hope the WFH is able to increase access to diagnosis, care, and safe treatment products for patients in economically challenged areas.

What do you think is one area where the WFH could improve?
The world of bleeding disorders is changing rapidly. We need to understand the dynamics of this world and its many new organizations so that we can formulate a strategy on how we can all work together for the greater good of our community.

Next to your involvement with the WFH Board, what is your personal involvement in the bleeding disorders community in your country or region?
I have been serving the Egyptian hemophilia community since 1985. I have worked both as a professional society member, and as a researcher working to develop safe domestic products for people with hemophilia. I have also worked towards introducing low-dose prophylaxis treatment in Egypt.

If you had $1 million to donate to the bleeding disorders community, where would you like to see your donation go?
Education, education, and education.

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