Recommendation on the use of Cryoprecipitate

The Medical Advisory Board of the WFH has published recommendation on the use of Cryoprecipitate for Treatment of Congenital Bleeding Disorders, on 26 April 2019. The recommendations are as follows:

Decision-making process and recommendations:

  1. Due to concerns about the safety and quality of cryoprecipitate, its use in the treatment of congenital bleeding disorders is not recommended and can only be justified in situations where clotting factor concentrates are not available, as CFCs have superior safety and efficacy.  When cryoprecipitate is the only product available, it is strongly encouraged that only virally-inactivated cryoprecipitate be used.
  2. The manufacture of small pool, solvent/detergent-treated cryoprecipitate has been described, although this does not provide sufficient protection against non-lipid enveloped viruses.  These products, though providing some added safety over untreated cryoprecipitate, should not be regarded as a substitute for CFCs but rather used only in the transition to CFCs where resource constraints exist.

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