Report on the Annual Global Survey 2015 now available

The Report on the Annual Global Survey 2015 is now available in print and online at The report includes selected demographic and treatment-related data on people throughout the world with hemophilia (PWH), von Willebrand disease (VWD), other rare factor deficiencies, and inherited platelet disorders. Its objective is to provide hemophilia organizations, hemophilia treatment centres (HTCs), and health officials with useful information to support efforts to improve or sustain the care of people with bleeding disorders, and to assist with program planning. This year’s report includes data from 111 countries, representing 91 percent of the world population.

The look and feel of the report has been completely redesigned this year in order to make it even easier to read, absorb and understand the wealth of data found in its pages. The WFH is also making supplementary charts and graphs available online to anyone who wants to get even more information about the world of bleeding orders today.


This year’s report contains a number of interesting facts. The total number of people identified with bleeding disorders is 304,362. Of that total, 187,183 people were identified with hemophilia, 74,819 people were identified with von Willebrand disease, and 42,360 people were identified with other bleeding disorders. Compared to the findings from the 2014 report, that’s an increase of 17,296 people identified with bleeding disorders.

Encouragingly, 90 countries submitted data for 2015—a ten percent increase from the previous year. Since not all of our members are able to report every year, historical data is used to supplement the Annual Global Survey. Fortunately, the high response from our national member organizations (NMOs) allowed us to reduce the amount of historical data needed to only one year.

The WFH would like to thank all of our NMOs for participating in the 2015 Annual Global Survey and for contributing to our global data collection efforts. The Report on the Annual Global Survey 2015 was developed under the supervision of the WFH Data & Demographics Committee.

For more information about the Annual Global Survey, please contact [email protected].