Roadmap to 2025: WFH redefines strategic direction

In 2020, the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) began the process of redefine our strategic direction. Now, after an extensive consultation process that included over 200 stakeholders from 70 countries, we are proud to release our new “Roadmap to 2025”.

The process of revising our strategy affirmed our belief that we must chart the way forward in a world that will continue to challenge the ways in which we work, connect and communicate. It also affirmed our belief that we need to work in close collaboration with our global and regional partners to foster knowledge exchange and move towards our common objective: improving access to treatment and care for all people living with inherited bleeding disorders around the world.

Through the process of developing our new strategic framework, we have sought to clarify the impact we want to have on the global bleeding disorders community over the next five years and the ways in which these new initiatives can be better leveraged to help us achieve it. We know that we must continue our efforts to build the capacity of our NMOs—and of the healthcare providers with whom you collaborate—to identify and diagnose more people with inherited bleeding disorders, to provide them with appropriate care, to collect, interpret, and disseminate data, and to advocate for change. All of these convictions have now come together in our “Roadmap to 2025”.

The “Roadmap to 2025” covers the journey we will take towards our vision of Treatment for All:

  • How we will achieve our vision
  • How we will work towards our goals
  • Where we will focus on capacity building
  • The tools we will invest in
  • The activities we will prioritize

Our new strategic plan also covers how we know we’re making progress, specifically by:

  • Identifying and diagnosing people living with bleeding disorders
  • Providing adequate care and treatment
  • Collecting, interpreting, and disseminating data
  • Advocating for safe and sustainable treatment and care

Finally, the Roadmap to 2025 covers our 2021-2025 Strategic Priorities:

  1. Redesign our training and education offerings to maximize impact
  2. Set NMO standards of excellence and support their adoption
  3. Strengthen our global advocacy work to improve access to treatment and care
  4. Increase the percentage of people identified and diagnosed with bleeding disorders through innovation
  5. Ensure we have the resources, both financial and human, to help us achieve our goals

Please find a link to our 3-page Roadmap to 2025 here. Note: while the Strategic Plan includes the new WFH logo, please note that the logo will be officially launched and available for public use in 2022.

We look forward to collaborating with the members of the global bleeding disorders community on this next phase in our journey towards our shared vision of Treatment for All.