Self-taught artist with hemophilia is a role model in hometown

Shajan Bava lives in Kochi, a city in the southern part of India. Diagnosed with hemophilia at age one, Shajan never let his condition impede his love of art. As a boy, Shajan would draw in the sand, but he quickly moved on to illustrating on a wide range of materials—from paper to pottery. His work has allowed him to build a reputation in his home city as a talented artist. Shajan has also become something of a role model in Kochi, as the people of the local bleeding disorders community look up to him as an example of how determination can help overcome the challenges of hemophilia. Shajan Bava has benefitted from treatment donated through the WFH Humanitarian Aid Program, further demonstrating that providing treatment to those most in need will help their quality of life. We are very proud to be able to showcase his art here on Hemophilia World Online.

An increasing number of contributors within the global bleeding disorders community have accepted the challenge of providing a sustainable and predictable supply of donated products. The visionary contribution from Bioverativ and Sobi to the WFH Humanitarian Aid Program translates into 500 million IUs over five years (2015-2020). In addition, the eight-year commitment (2014-2021) from Grifols totaling 200 million IUs, along with a ten-year commitment (2009-2018) from CSL Behring for a total of 22 million IUs, and the three-year agreement (2017-2019) with Green Cross for 6 million IUs, there will now be a more predictable and sustainable flow of humanitarian aid donations to the global community. In addition, the initiatives of Project WISH and Project Recovery allow for the manufacturing of clotting factor concentrates from previously discarded cryopaste which provide treatment products to countries most in need.