Sunny skies to wintry days: one youth leader’s journey

Chavez Edgecombe loves a challenge, including one most would think twice about accepting: moving from the warm climes of Nassau, Bahamas to pursue a degree in marketing in wintry eastern Canada. Nothing deters this enthusiastic basketball-loving and aspiring entrepreneur from pursuing his goals, including managing severe Type B hemophilia. Chavez’s new home of Prince Edward Island allows him to keep his active lifestyle and gives him space for quiet contemplation which he uses to maintain balance in his work and social life. His recent participation in the WFH Youth Leadership workshop in Budapest, Hungary, left him invigorated and determined to make a difference in the global bleeding disorder community. He hopes to use his personal experience and education to play a role in the community, not only in his country but internationally.

Chavez Edgecombe, Youth Leader and Marketing and Advertising student

“The message I would like to send to the bleeding disorder community is to stay strong. I know it may feel like the world is against you but know that there is hope, and people around the world are working hard to give you the support you deserve.”

As is the case with many of our youth leaders, Chavez’s experience living with a bleeding disorder has influenced his thoughts on his future. His earliest memory of the impact of living with hemophilia was in kindergarten when he experienced his first ankle bleeds and his teachers forbade him from taking an extracurricular class in karate. Chavez already lives with a knee replacement and worries about his quality of life as he begins to age. But, he also realizes he was fortunate in comparison to many others to have not had the same access to treatment options. As he looks to the future with optimism he wants to send a message to his community to stay strong. He recommends that patients and their parents as well as healthcare professionals hold on to hope because the WFH and people around the world are working hard to provide the community with support.

The WFH Youth Leadership Program invests in the future of the bleeding disorders community by training the next generation of leaders in goal setting, project management, personal development and other crucial skills. Learn more about this inspiring program here.

The WFH wishes to acknowledge the financial contribution of Hemophilia of Georgia. Without their support the WFH Youth Leadership Workshop would not have been able to take place.