Thank you NHF and Chapters

“Don’t let my son die.” It took only five words for Judy Chege, a mother in Kenya, to express a lifetime of fear. Thankfully, her plea reached WFH-trained healthcare professionals and our national member organization (NMO) in Kenya. Her son Steve is now healthy and using his voice to raise awareness and to advocate for better access to care for his community.

Judy’s words are a stirring example of our community’s greatest strength: a solidarity born from the belief that every person with a bleeding disorder should have sustainable access to treatment, regardless of where they live. This strength is also evident in the support the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) and its chapters show for WFH global programs. Their engagement is a testament to our shared belief that nobody with a bleeding disorder should ever stand alone.

NHF helps to advance the WFH vision of Treatment for All on several fronts. They answered our call for support by contributing generously to the WFH COVID-19 Relief Fund—helping us ensure that patient organizations in developing countries could both safely serve their communities during lockdowns, and continue delivering vital support and education in an increasingly virtual world. NHF demonstrates their deep commitment to equity through their steadfast support of the Cornerstone Initiative, which lays the foundation for care in the world’s most underserved regions, and for the Global Summit on women and girls with inherited bleeding disorders (WGBDs), which aims to raise awareness and improve care for an underserved portion of the global community. We are also deeply grateful to NHF staff and leadership who generously give their time and knowledge to many other WFH endeavours.

NHF’s leadership in supporting the global bleeding disorders community has inspired many others to follow their lead, including their chapter community. Since the launch of the NHF Chapter Challenge in 2016, NHF and its chapters have contributed over $735,000 in support of WFH global development programs. Beyond the impact of their donations, we are happy to say that chapter communities—from coast to coast—are stepping up and partnering with us to support those living without access to treatment and care. To the NHF, we say we deeply appreciate your tireless contributions to the WFH Twinning Program, our growing philanthropic initiatives, and other vital programs. You are truly making a difference.

Thank you to NHF and all NHF chapters who supported us last year. We look forward to seeing where our partnership will take us next!

Founding Champions

National Hemophilia Foundation
Hemophilia of Georgia

Four-time Champions

Alaska Hemophilia Association
Colorado Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation
Florida Hemophilia Association
Gateway Hemophilia Association
Hemophilia Alliance of Maine, Inc.
Hemophilia Foundation of Greater Florida, Inc.
New England Hemophilia Association

Three-time Champions

Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation
Kentucky Hemophilia Foundation, Inc.
Mary M. Gooley Hemophilia Center

2020 First-Time Champions (Welcome!)

Hemophilia Foundation of Idaho
Nebraska Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation
Texas Central Hemophilia Association
Tri-State Bleeding Disorder Foundation
West Virginia Chapter of the NHF
Western Pennsylvania Chapter, NHF

Five-time Champions

Bleeding Disorders Alliance Illinois
Hemophilia Association of the Capital Area
Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan
Hemophilia Foundation of Southern California
Hemophilia of Indiana Inc.
Hemophilia of North Carolina
Hemophilia of South Carolina
Lone Star Bleeding Disorders Foundation
Nevada Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation
Pacific Northwest Bleeding Disorders
Rocky Mountain Hemophilia & Bleeding Disorders Association
Virginia Hemophilia Foundation

Two-time Champions

Connecticut Hemophilia Society
Hawaii Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation
Sangre de Oro, Inc. Hemophilia Foundation of New Mexico
Southwestern Ohio Hemophilia Foundation