WFH 16th MSK Congress to feature session on obesity

The WFH 16th International Musculoskeletal Congress is coming soon, and the program for this important event will cover many important topics of interest to specialists in the field. Over the next several weeks, Hemophilia World Online will look at some of the speakers and talks that are sure to make this year’s Congress a must-see event.

Today, we look at a panel discussion titled, “Obesity”. This talk will cover current understandings of the complications, treatments and prevention approaches related to obese patients with hemophilia. The following experts will be presenting at this session:

  • Jens-Christian Holm, MD, a multidisciplinary obesity clinic director
  • Dario Di Minno, MD, a hemophilia clinic director
  • Nichan Zourikian, a physiotherapist
  • Mauricio Silva, MD, an orthopedic surgeon
  • Mathieu Jackson, a person with hemophilia (PWH)

The session will cover a number of topics, including the following:

  • Global statistics, health consequences, stigmatization—are all calories equal?
  • Multi-disciplinary tailored management
  • Factor dosing and PK (half-life and recovery) in obese versus non-obese people with hemophilia (PWH), including intra-operative-, cardiovascular- and hypertension-related implications in PWH
  • Do obese PWH have more hemarthroses/target joints, osteopenia or increased bone density?
  • Decreased joint ROM findings, clinical screening tools, physical activity selection, benefits, risks and overall contribution to weight management in obese PWH
  • Elective orthopedic surgery considerations, risks and/or complications such as impaired wound-healing, infection, DVT and increased stresses on prostheses in obese PWH
  • Real-life experiences and challenges from a patient’s point of view

Presenter backgrounds

Jens-Christian Holm is a consultant in Pediatrics, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Head of The Children’s Obesity Clinic and The Danish Childhood Obesity Biobank. Since 2007, Holm has—with a multidisciplinary approach—been treating obese children and adolescents. Based on his thorough knowledge of the leptin system and its neuroendocrinological adaptation to weight loss (which he gained through his Ph.D. thesis) and his use of a mind-set changing pedagogy, Holm has succeeded in obtaining weight loss in 70 to 80% of his obese child and adolescent patients. These results have been reproduced in eight different municipalities around in Denmark as well as at the Department of Paediatrics at Hillerød Hospital. Holm gives lectures, seminars, and courses in “Childhood Obesity; Disease, Comorbidities, and Treatment”.

Dario di Minno currently works at the Department of Translational Medical Sciences, University of Naples Federico II. Di Minno does research in Epidemiology, Vascular Medicine, and Hemostasis. In addition to an intense scientific productivity about bleeding disorders and thrombotic disease, di Minno conceived and carried out a series of projects aimed at evaluating clinical and molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular risk in patients with chronic arthritides. Using clinical and radiological models taken from the rheumatologic experience, he started to look at the identification of “early hemophilic arthropathy”. To this end, he took part in a project for the ultrasound assessment of hemophilic arthropathy. He has received an award for a study on Healthy Joints of hemophilia patients, and once of his recent projects on ultrasound evaluation of patients with moderate hemophilia has been selected for inclusion in the 2012 European ASPIRE program.

Nichan Zourikian is a clinical physiotherapist and has been working in the bleeding disorders community since 1994, when he joined the Sainte-Justine Pediatric/Adult Comprehensive Hemostasis and Inhibitor Centre comprehensive care team in Montreal, Canada. Zourikian has regularly volunteered since 1998 for the Canadian Hemophilia Society (CHS) and its Quebec Chapter, as well as for the WFH. In recognition of his achievements, he received the CHS Award of Appreciation in 2005, the Quebec Chapter’s Award of Appreciation in 2009 and the prestigious WFH Inga Marie Nilsson Award in 2010. Zourikian has been a member of IPSG’s Expert Physical Therapy Working Group since its inception as a co-developer of the Hemophilia Joint Health Score (HJHS). He is also a co-investigator of the HJHS Adult Validation Study. Zourikian is also co-author of over 20 peer-reviewed publications, including a recent “Obesity in haemophilia” review article.

Mauricio M. Silva, MD, is Associate Professor for the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, California, U.S.A, and serves as the Medical Director for the Orthopedic Institute for Children. Silva is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in pediatric orthopedics, pediatric orthopedic trauma, hemophilia disorders, and joint reconstruction. Silva completed his medical degree in Bogotá Colombia in 1993. He came to the United States in 1999 to complete his fellowship at the Orthopedic Institute for Children and joined the Orthopedic Institute for Children faculty in 2003 after completing his research fellowships in joint replacement and hemophilia. Silva was later named Medical Director of Orthopedic Institute for Children in 2014. He has published nearly 50 peer reviewed articles and multiple book chapters. Silva is a member of AAOS, POSNA, and the WFH.

Mathieu Jackson is patient coordinator and pedagogical counselor at the Centre for excellence in partnerships with patients and the public (CEPPP), in Montreal, Canada, where he co-directs the Partnership school with Alexandre Berkesse. Jackson has moderate Hemophilia B. After high school, he trained in professional cuisine at the Institut de Tourisme et d’Hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ). He then completed a Bachelor’s degree in French literature at University of Montreal, where he is presently writing his master’s thesis in comparative education and fundamentals of education. Jackson is on the boards of directors of both the Canadian Hemophilia Society Quebec Chapter (CHSQ) and the Canadian Hemophilia Society (CHS). Jackson is a fellow of the 2017-2018 International AFFIRM Program.

The WFH 16th International Musculoskeletal Congress takes place from May 10 to 12, 2019 at the Novotel Madrid Center in Madrid, Spain. Register online today using our easy, efficient, and secure online registration form.