WFH 2018 Annual Meeting of the General Assembly sees new faces, new NMOs

The World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) 2018 Annual Meeting of the General Assembly saw representatives from around the world come together in a spirit of cooperation in the name of the bleeding disorders community. The WFH board of directors and NMOs helped decide the issues that will impact our community in the coming years.

One of the first motions put forward at the meeting was  to accept 11 organizations as full national member organizations (NMOs) or associate NMOs. The Ghana Haemophilia Society, The Haemophilia Association of Mauritius, the Saudi Society of Hemophilia, the Haemophilia Society of Tanzania and the Haemophilia Foundation of Uganda Ltd., all became full NMOs. Six organizations became associate NMOs: The Bahamas Hemophilia Foundation, The Barbados Haemophilia Association & Charity, the Association Beninoise des Hemophiles, the Guyana Hemophilia Society, the Mozambican Association for Hemophilia and other Congenital Coagulopathies and Tajikistan hemophilia organization. The WFH is proud to announce that there are now 140 member organizations of the WFH.

There were also several changes to the board of directors, with a number of terms coming to an end. Several positions were up for election: Vice President, Medical, Vice President, Finance, three positions for Medical Members and two positions for Lay Members. Each individual running for a board position gave a presentation or chose someone to give a presentation on their behalf if they were not able to be present. The obvious care and time that went into each presentation was proof of the passion of every speaker. Once the presentations were done, votes were held and the announcements were made.

The following is the list of new members voted into the WFH board of directors during the WFH 2018 Annual Meeting of the General Assembly:


Vice President, Medical
Vice President, Finance
Medical member
Medical member
Medical member
Lay member
Lay Member


Glenn Pierce (U.S.A)
Barry Flynn (U.K.)
Saliou Diop (Senegal)
Barbara Konkle (U.S.A)
Cedric Hermans (Belgium)
Cesar Garrido (Venezuela)
Dawn Rotellini (U.S.A)


Four years
Four years
Four years
Four years
Two years
Four years
Four years

In June, 2018, Alain Weill and the board co-opted two new members for the Board of Directors. One more co-opted position remains open. The two new members are Ampaiwan Chuansumrit, MD, from Thailand and Vincent Dumez from Canada.

The WFH would like to thank the departing board members—Eric Stolte (VP Finance), Marijke van den Berg (VP Medical), Flora Peyvandi (Medical Member), Jerzy Windyga (Medical Member) and Pamela Wilton (Lay Member)—for their hard work and dedication in the name of Treatment for All.