WFH announces the 2015 Twins of the Year

Congratulations to the 2015 Twins of the Year award winners!

The World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) is proud to celebrate the remarkable achievements of all of its twinning partnerships, and in particular, to highlight the 2015 Twins of the Year, the Hemophilia Treatment Centre (HTC) Twinning between Varna (Bulgaria) and Bonn (Germany), and the Hemophilia Organization Twinning (HOT) between Bangladesh and Canada.

The St. Marina University Hospital of Varna and the University Hospital Bonn have been twinned since 2014.  In 2015, their achievements included the extension of the patient registry and diagnosis of 11 new patients, the training of patients on home treatment, the establishment of a private social media group for patients and families, the training of a hematologist, orthopedic surgeon, physiotherapist and laboratory technician, and the continued cooperation with the patient community, including the translation of educational materials, support of a summer camp, and World Hemophilia Day activities.

On the patient organization side, the Hemophilia Society of Bangladesh (HSB) and Canadian Hemophilia Society (CHS), who have also been twinned since 2014, had a productive year of activities in 2015 which included the execution and analysis of the first bleeding disorders survey in Bangladesh, the development of a three-year strategic plan for HSB, an action planning workshop for lay and medical members of HSB, a webinar to help HSB develop a communications and marketing plan, and the participation of HSB President in the CHS annual conference, which included a presentation on the survey exercise, and a visit and presentation for the WFH staff.


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