WFH Congress format to evolve starting in 2024  

The world of bleeding disorders is always evolving and changing. More and more, our community is growing and becoming more globally connected. The World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) embraces this evolution, and beginning in 2024, we will be changing the way we select Congress venues in order to better meet the needs of our community worldwide.

Currently, Congresses are held every two years from a number of potential locations around the world. Starting in 2024, we will introduce a geographic rotation. Congresses will rotate between three following regions: America North (Mexico, USA and Canada), Europe-East and -West and all other countries as defined by the WFH constitution.

Another major change coming to the general Congress format will be the addition of regional Congresses in off-Congress years. These smaller, geographically-focused events will take place in cities that would not traditionally be able to support a larger-scale WFH Congress. This will allow new cities to host a WFH Congress for the first time, and will allow the host-region to enjoy the benefit of a Congress that features content that is tailored to their specific reality. Also, this will give people in the area the chance to attend a Congress that is relatively close to where they live.

It’s important to note that the process for voting for a World Congress location remains the same: national member organizations (NMOs) will continue to submit bids and vote for locations from one of the three regions.

The next vote—for the location of the 2024 WFH World Congress—will take place at the Annual Meeting of the General Assembly after the 2020 WFH World Congress in Kuala Lumpur.