WFH expands website to include Russian and Arabic

The World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) website is now available in Simplified Chinese, Russian, and Arabic, reaching out to new linguistic communities, beyond the existing English, French, and Spanish.

This expansion of its web presence is part of the WFH strategic goal of using new technologies to reach out its community.

These localized websites are not intended to replicate the full English, French, and Spanish website, but to provide all essential information in Simplified Chinese, Arabic, and Russian, to people accessing the WFH website who might not have been able to access it otherwise. With more than an estimated 11,200 people with a bleeding disorder in China, 14,000 in Russian-speaking countries, and 17,000 in Arabic-speaking countries, these localized websites are essential in helping to ensure that current information gets out to as many people as possible.

“When it comes to someone’s health and well-being it is essential that they have the proper information. Often things can get lost in translation, so that is why, as an organization, we are expanding our web resources reach these regions,” said Elizabeth Myles, Interim CEO and COO.

To access the localized sites please visit for more information.