WFH Global Community Membership Program: one year in

In early 2018, the WFH Philanthropy team launched the WFH Global Community Membership Program (GCMP)—a new way for patients, families, healthcare professionals and other friends to engage with the global bleeding disorder community.

Staying connected to your community’s latest stories has never been easier, just sign up as a free GCMP member. Or, for a very reasonable rate—you can get the additional benefit of full online access to the WFH official journal Haemophilia as a professional member.

Annie Colavita, WFH Giving and Membership Manager

 “The response to the WFH Global Community Membership Program has been wonderful, but even more important is the response we have had from the community telling us how much they appreciate learning more about the lives of those living with a bleeding disorder across the globe.”

Over the past year, the WFH has traveled from foggy Scotland to sunny Orlando and brisk Budapest to humid Malaysia, promoting the WFH GCMP. It is our pleasure to say that the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you and welcome to the three-hundred plus new members!

We are looking forward to the second year of the new program. We have many plans, including—but not limited to—enhancing our member experience by providing access to a WFH portal, more inspirational stories from our community, and exclusive professional member-only events.

Not a member yet? Join today!

Free GCMP Membership: open to all, free for all

Do the stories of the bleeding disorders community inspire you? Do you want to stay informed about the WFH’s latest news and upcoming events? The benefits of a free GCMP Membership include access to news about the global community through your own profile page.

This free, inclusive membership is the point of entry to the global community. Your participation will increase the number of people supporting the WFH in pursuit of its vision of Treatment for All. Click here to get your free membership today.

Professional GCMP Membership

Are you professionally interested in the bleeding disorders community? Do you have a deep desire to increase your knowledge through accessing the latest developments in hemophilia care? Benefits include online access to Haemophilia, the official WFH journal and access to networking opportunities during upcoming WFH meetings and events starting in 2019.

The US$150 fee helps support WFH initiatives around the world. Click here to join the growing number of healthcare professionals who have chosen to become GCMP members.

Want to know more? Contact the WFH at with any questions, comments or suggestions.