Parttraporn Isarangkura given WFH International Lifetime Achievement Award

The World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) bestows its International Lifetime Achievement Award to an individual in recognition of a career-long contribution to furthering the mission and goals of the WFH in a particular region, country, or professional area. In 2018, the WFH wishes to recognize the significant achievements of  Parttraporn Isarangkura, MD.

People living with a bleeding disorder in Thailand reverently refer to Isarangkura, MD, as the “Mother of Hemophilia”. It is easy to see why, given her accomplishments in the bleeding disorder community in Thailand and worldwide over the past 60 years. Furthermore, her personal involvement with the WFH spans three decades, including terms as an active member of its Medical Advisory Board.

WFH president Alain Weill remarked that we often use the word “pioneer” when describing someone’s career, and no one merits that distinction more than Isarangkura, MD. While studying at the University of Pennsylvania in the 1960s, she discovered a method to separate cryoprecipitate from plasma, and was the first to effectively use the product to treat hemophilia patients in the U.S.A. She also contributed to the process that separates factor VIII concentrate.

The WFH worked closely with Isarangkura, MD to promote progress in national hemophilia care through International Hemophilia Training Centre (IHTC) Training fellowships. Under her direction, the Bangkok centre became a primary venue for training on how to provide maximum treatment benefits with limited resources. Her legacy lives on in our thriving IHTC Training fellowships and the countless healthcare professionals who have benefitted from the program.

While many of her achievements transcended borders, in her native country of Thailand, Isarangkura, MD established the cost-effective Hemophilia Disease Care Program to oversee the care of patients who could manage their bleeding disorder at home or at the nearest public health facility. This reduced hospital admissions and improved the quality of life of people with hemophilia and their families. The Thai government continues to provide funding for the program, ensuring accessible care to those in need.

WFH president Alain Weill and past WFH presidents Brian O’Mahony and Mark Skinner stand with the global bleeding disorders community in thanking Isarangkura, MD for her significant achievements and lifetime of service. The WFH is proud to consider her among its most committed volunteers and is honoured to present her with the WFH 2018 International Lifetime Achievement Award.