WFH launches new Hemophilia World online magazine

In 2015, the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) has decided to take Hemophilia World to a new and visually exciting platform online as part of its mission to reach out to its global community and help increase awareness of people living with a bleeding disorder.

An online version of the WFH’s popular newsmagazine would provide a greater opportunity for more people to learn about the WFH’s programs and news from the global bleeding disorders community.

Hemophilia World, as we now know it, began in 1994 and has steadily evolved since then to deliver the latest news and updates from our global community. For the WFH, this move to an online format helps improve how we communicate globally, “We want to be able to better reach out to our community and keep them informed about the latest news related to them,” said WFH communications and marketing director Sarah Ford. “This online version is just a natural progression of that.”

Hemophilia World will now be able to reach people 24 hours a day, around the world. The latest news, stories from our community, and newest developments from the scientific world will be accessible to more people than ever.

The online version will still contain all the stories from the print version but it will now allow the reader to get a more in-depth understanding of what the WFH is doing to further its mission; stories from WFH national member organizations (NMOs), the latest emerging breakthroughs in medical science and research, and the latest information of WFH programs and fundraising activities. Make sure to visit the new online platform at and see what it has to offer.