WFH mourns passing of Axel Seuser, MD

It is with great sadness that the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) learned of the passing of Axel Seuser, MD, a member of the WFH Musculoskeletal Committee since 1999.

Axel Seuser pursued his medical training in Europe and the United States. He was a specialist in orthopedics, sports medicine, chirotherapy, physical therapy, complementary medicine, and motion analysis. Seuser was the Head of the Orthopedic Department at the Kaiser-Karl-Klinik clinic in Bonn, Germany, from 1996 to 2012. In 2013, he began practicing at the Private Practice for Orthopedics, Centre for Prevention, Rehabilitation and Orthopedics in Bonn, Germany.

Greig Blamey, Chair, WFH Musculoskeletal Committee

“Axel was a valued contributor and collaborator within the Musculoskeletal Committee of the WFH for several decades.  His passion and perspective were conspicuous throughout his many presentations at MSK and World Congresses, regional meetings, and interdisciplinary conferences. His loss will be felt throughout the global hemophilia family of patients, professionals, and organizers.”

Axel Seuser won the WFH Henri Horoszowski Memorial Award in 2003 for his abstract and presentation on “Hemophilia and Sports: A new and safe Algorithm” and again in 2006 for his abstract and presentation on “Prevention in 5 Minutes. A Multicenter Trial with orthopedic Examination of 250 Children with Hemophilia”. He was also a past speaker at WFH World Congresses and WFH International Musculoskeletal Congresses.

On behalf of the global bleeding disorders community, the WFH would like to express its deepest sympathies to all of Axel Seuser’s family members, friends and colleagues.