WFH Mourns Passing of Kyelle Virgil of Trinidad and Tobago

It is with great sadness that the WFH learned of the recent passing of Kyelle Virgil of Trinidad and Tobago. It was our honour to work alongside him in our shared vision of Treatment for All.

Despite many personal challenges arising from his bleeding disorder, Virgil remained undaunted in his pursuit of better treatment options for patients in his country, and always met challenges with a characteristic determination and humour. He joined the Society for Inherited & Severe Blood Disorders as a young boy and engaged deeply with his community by organizing fundraisers and raising awareness about bleeding disorders. As part of the WFH Youth Fellowship Program, Virgil attended the WFH 2014 World Congress in Melbourne, Australia. There, he met people from all over the world, learned about their experiences, and acquired new skills. Upon returning home, he continued advocating for patients, especially the younger generation in his country, striving to not only to raise awareness and improve conditions but also to make sure no one felt alone.

When asked why a strong community is so important to achieve advances for all, Virgil said, “I see the need for a group of individuals who are committed to each other to work towards a common goal, bearing in mind that there is strength in numbers.”

.We wish to express our deep condolences to his father Mervyn, his wife Marguerite, his family and loved ones, and the many friends he made throughout our global community.