WFH Online Registry of Clotting Factor Concentrates

The Online Registry of Clotting Factor Concentrates on the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) eLearning Platform puts the details of over 100 products at your fingertips!

Originally created in 1997 by Meirione Costa e Silva of Brasilia and Carol Kasper, MD, for the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH), the purpose of the Online Registry of Clotting Factor Concentrates is to help medical personnel identify available clotting factor concentrates (CFCs) and stay abreast of pharmaceutical company changes. The second version was published as part of the WFH periodic Facts and Figures series, and in July 2016, the third version was launched on the WFH eLearning Platform.

The Online CFC Registry provides a wealth of easily accessible and actively updated data that can be used by healthcare providers and officials, pharmacists, and people with bleeding disorders. It provides an overview of available products and facilitates comparisons between them. In this way, it helps doctors and pharmacists identify and characterize products that may be new for them—for example products that people with bleeding disorders bring with them during their foreign travels. Manufacturers of CFCs can contact the WFH to have their products added to the Registry, or to revise and update the details of their products in the Registry.

Users who access the Online CFC Registry immediately see available products by indication, product type, brand name, and company. Users can export the entire Registry (as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF) or they can filter the output display by indication and product type. Users can further refine their search by entering text into any of the four search fields.

Users of the Online CFC Registry can learn more about specific products by selecting the “Details” button. This opens a pop-up window containing information on how and where the product is manufactured. For products derived from plasma, details of donor testing protocols and the plasma pool are also listed. Clicking on the “Download” button allows users to download a PDF of a particular product for offline reading.

Another interesting feature of the Online CFC Registry is the “Compare” button, which allows users to compare two products side-by-side.

Dragging column headers onto the grey bar allows users to group results by specific criteria, offering them more flexibility in how the products are displayed.

By combining these features, users can create their own product list that they can export for offline consultation, or use as reference material. Note: all products listed on screen will be exported when the “Export to Excel” and “Export to PDF” buttons are selected.

The Online CFC Registry is found under the “Featured Tools” drop-down menu on the WFH eLearning Platform.

Fiona Robinson, Educational Materials Manager for the WFH, wishes to thank Georghia Michael and Mark Brooker for their contributions to this article.