WFH Path to Access to Care and Treatment (PACT) Program launches

The WFH is happy to announce the launch of the new Path to Access to Care and Treatment (PACT) Program. This 5-year initiative is designed to improve outreach and diagnosis and increase access to sustainable care for people with inherited bleeding disorders. This will be achieved through training, education, partnerships, in-country initiatives and evidence-based advocacy. The PACT Program aims to:

  • Identify 20,000 new people with inherited bleeding disorders
  • Improve access to care through the training and education of patient leaders and healthcare providers on outreach, diagnosis, the management of bleeding disorders, and evidence-based advocacy
  • Increase government support to establish or expand existing national bleeding disorders care programs

The Program will be implemented through three main components:

  • Online training and education. A virtual academy for bleeding disorders advocates and online training for healthcare professionals on bleeding disorders management.
  • National access plans. Tailored development programs and mentorships in 20 targeted countries.
  • Global and regional meetings. Forums to facilitate the promotion of care standards among NMOs, healthcare providers and national governments.

The online training and education, and the global and regional meeting components of PACT are available to all countries, while 20 countries will be selected to work on the development and implementation of national access plans.

“PACT is about improving care in the bleeding disorders community by bringing together NMOs, healthcare practitioners and governments in a spirit of collaboration. The innovative Program is designed to foster sustainable care so that the people of our community can lead better lives now, and in the future.”
—Cesar Garrido, President, WFH

Learn more about this important new program by clicking here.

The PACT Program is supported by funding from CSL Behring, Pfizer, Roche and Sanofi Genzyme, our leadership partners, and Biotest, Grifols, and Sobi, our collaborating partners.